Searching the National Sporting Library Catalog and Shelving System

Searching the Catalog

Shelving System and Shelf Location Abbreviation (Call Numbers)

Keyword/All Words Search Find items that contain specific words.

A keyword/all words search is the default and produces the most results. Enter a word that appears in the title. Select "All Words" from the drop-down menu. Click on the "Search" button. A title list of items matching the search terms will appear. Click on any title in the list to view a detailed record.


forward - generates a list that includes The Forward Seat by Vladimir Littauer, The Forward Impulse by Piero Santini, Forward Motion by Holly Menino, and others.

perfect - generates a list that inclues The Perfect Follower by A.H. Higginson, The Way to Perfect Horsemanship by Udo Buerger, The Less-Than-Perfect Horse by Jane Thelwall, and others.

Author Search Find items by Author's name

Enter the author's last name, a comma, a space, and the first name and select "Author Begins with" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Search" button. If you find an exact match, a list of titles will be displayed.


Brown, Paul
Hervey, John


Enter any word from the author's name and select "Author Includes" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Search" button.


Federico will find "Federico Grisone," "Federico Tesio," etc.

Title Search Find items by their title.

Enter the first word(s) of the title (including articles such as "A" or "The") and select "Title Begins With" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Search" button.


Billy and Blaze
Black Beauty
My Dancing White Horses
The Horse Whisperer

If you find an exact match, a list of titles will be displayed.


Enter any word from the title and select "Title Includes" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Search" button.


Blaze will find Billy and Blaze, Blaze and the Forest Fire, Blaze and the Mountain Lion, and Blaze and Thunderbolt

If you find an exact match, a list of titles will be displayed.

Subject Search Find items using Library of Congress subject headings

Enter the Library of Congress subject heading or the first few words of the subject heading. Select "Subject Begins With" and click the "Search" button. If you find an exact match, a list of titles will be displayed.


Game Protection
Horses in Art
Show Jumping

"Horses in Art," for instance, finds 95 titles.


Enter any subject word or words and select "Subject Includes" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Search" button.


"Welsh" finds 7 titles

Advanced Searching

Select "Advanced Search" from main search page. You have the option of four different kinds of keyword searches:

  • with all the words - will find all records that contain all search words; for example "horse care" finds 112 titles
  • with the exact phrase - will find all records that contain the entered phrase in the correct order; for example "horse care" finds 22 titles
  • with at least one of the words - will find all records that contain at least one of the words entered
  • without the words - will find all the records that do not contain the search term

Searching/Browsing Catalog by Call Numbers

To search and browse the Library's collections within a certain subject area, it is possible to do a keyword/all words search under the appropriate call number. Enter the call number. Select "All Words" from the drop-down menu. Click on the "Search" button.

Example: "foxdan" finds all 211 foxhunting books in the Daniels Collection (rare book room).

Clipboard and Reports

You may save titles from your search results to a clipboard, which can be used to generate a report that may be printed out from your browser.

  1. Execute a search using one of the search methods described above.
  2. To add an item to the clipboard from the title list of search results, click on "Add to Clipboard" to the right of the item's title.
  3. When you are ready to generate the report, click on "Clipboard" on the upper right hand side of your browser window. The number of items on your clipboard will appear in parentheses.
  4. Click on "Clipboard," which will generate a list of titles saved in the clipboard. By clicking on "Report," you will generate a report of the full record of all items in the clipboard, which will open in a new window (if this window does not appear, it may be blocked by pop-up blocking software. Follow your browser's instructions to unblock the window). To print, go to "File" in your browser window and select "Print."
  5. If you do not wish to save these items in the Clipboard, click on "Clear."
  6. "Return to Catalog Search" will bring you back to the search screen. Items in your clipboard are saved throughout your session until you clear your Clipboard.

Shelving System and Shelf Location Abbreviation (Call Numbers)

  • Books are shelved in the most appropriate subject area
  • In all areas, other than Art (art) and Biography (bio), books are shelved alphabetically by the main entry in the catalog record (usually author or title).
  • In "art" and "bio," books are shelved by the artist or individual about whom the book is written, or if there is more than one artist or individual, by the main entry.
  • Books are marked with an accurate shelving code on the upper right-hand corner of the free front endpaper or the first available light-colored page. Shelving codes consist of the location code followed by the first three letters of the name of the books subject; e.g., Piero Santini's The Forward Impulse should be coded "hsm-SAN," the Daniels Collection copy of Peter Beckford's Thoughts on Foxhunting should be coded "foxdan-BEC," and Stanley Booth's Alfred J. Munnings, 1878-1959 should be coded "art-MUN."

National Sporting Library Shelf Location Abbreviation and Subject Headings

M= John H. Daniels Reading Room (Main reading room) (2nd floor) L=Lower reading room (1st floor) R= F. Ambrose Clark Rare Book Room (1st floor)

a&m= Archives and manuscripts (L)

agr= Agriculture (L)

ang= Fishing (works on sport fishing, especially fly fishing and angling) (M)

arab= Arabian horse (M)

arm= Firearms (works on sporting shotguns and rifles) (M)

art= Art (M)

auc= Auctions (catalogs of auctions of sporting books & art)(L)

be= Beagles/Beagling (M)

bg= Big game hunting/Big game animals (M)

bio= Biography (M)

bdg= Building/Architecture (works on stables, kennels, barns, etc.) (M)

bks= Books on books (works onteh book arts and book collecting, also bibliographies)(L)

brd= Thoroughbred horse-Breeding (works on the science and theories of breeding, as well as pedigrees and performance)(M)

bull= Bullfighting (M)

bus= Business (M)(works on horse industry and horse ownership)

cal= Calendars-Horse Racing (R)

cat= Exhibition catalogues (art and book exhibition catalogues)(L)

cav= Cavalary (M)

cf= Cockfighting (M)

chs= Steeplechasing (M)

coa= Coaching/Carriages and carts (works on driving as a sport, the history of horse-drawn vehicles and transportation history) (M)

deer= Deer/Deer Hunting (M)

dma= Donkeys/Mules/Asses (M)

dog= Dogs (working or sporting dogs)(M)

drs= Dressage (M)

evt= Eventing (works on three-day eventing and combined training)(M)

fal= Falconry (M)

far= Horseshoeing (works on farriery) (M)

fic= Fiction (M)

flt= Horse racing (works on flat racing) (M)

fowl= Fowling (works on hunting water and upland fowl) (M)

fox= Fox hunting (works of a general nature on fox hunting) (M)

foxgbi= Fox hunting - Great Britain and Ireland (M)

foxna= Fox hunting - United States/Canada (North America) (M)

gai=Horses-Paces, gaits, etc. (works on gaited horses) (M)

gen=Horses (works on the history of horses, various breeds of horses, and other general works on horses) (M)

hsm= Horsemanship (equitation, training, horse-human relations, includes Western riding) (M)

ind= Indians (works on Native Americans/American Indians and horses) (L)

juv= Children's storeis (juvenile fiction) (M)

mo = Morgan horse (M)

nf= Nonfiction (works of non-sporting nonfiction) (L)

oly= Olympics (M)

pbrn= Paul Brown books (M)

polo= Polo (M)

pony= Ponies (M)

qh = Quarter horse (M)

ref= Reference (works of general reference) (L)

sad= Saddlery (works on horse equipment and tack) (M)

ser= Serials (L)

sgn= Outdoor sports (works that cover more than one sport; e.g. hunting and fishing, and works on other outdoor sports and games, including dueling) (M)

sh= Shooting/Hunting (works of a general nature on hunting) (M)

sho= Horse shows (M)

sj= Show jumping (M)

sr= Somerville & Ross works by Irish novelists Edith Somerville and Martin Ross (pseudonym for Violet Martin) (M)

sv= Hunting songs/Poetry (Song & Verse) (M)

trn= Thoroughbred horse - Training (M)

vet= Veterinary medicine (works on equine medicine and horse care) (M)

video = Video/DVD library (L)

wj= Works by American author, William James (M)

wld= Wild animals (works on game animals, including natural history) (L)

wst= West (U.S.)

Rare Book Room Collections (all R)

dan= John H. Daniels Collection

  • agrdan - Agriculture
  • angdan - Fly fishing and angling
  • artdan - Art books
  • artdan ovrsz- Over-sized art books
  • biodan- Biography
  • cfdan - Cockfighting
  • chsdan - Steeplechasing
  • dueldan - Dueling
  • ephdan - Ephemera
  • faldan - Falconry
  • ficdan - Fiction
  • fltdan - Flat racing
  • foredan- Fore-edge painting (collections of books with images painted on paper edges)
  • foxdan - Fox hunting
  • gendan - General books on horses
  • hsmdan - Horsemanship
  • msdan - Manuscripts
  • olydan - Olympics
  • polodan - Polo
  • refdan - Reference
  • rutdan - Books of Archibald Rutledge
  • serdan - Serials
  • sgndan - Sports general
  • shdan - Shooting
  • srdan - Works of Edith Somerville & Martin Ross (Violet Martin)
  • svdan - Song & verse
  • vetdan - Veterinary & farriery
  • wlddan - Wild animals
  • wjdan - Works by American author, William James




htp= Harry T. Peters Collection

hun= Ludwig von Hünersdorf Collection

lon= Huth-Lonsdale-Arundel Collection

rbr= National Sporting Library Collection

  • agrrbr - Agriculture
  • angrbr - Fly fishing and angling
  • artrbr - Art books
  • artrbr ovrsz- Over-sized art books
  • biorbr- Biography
  • cavrbr - Cavalry
  • cfrbr - Cockfighting
  • chsrbr - Steeplechasing
  • falrbr - Falconry
  • ficrbr - Fiction
  • fltrbr - Flat racing
  • foxrbr - Fox hunting
  • genrbr - General books on horses
  • hsmrbr - Horsemanship
  • msrbr - Manuscripts
  • polorbr - Polo
  • refrbr - Reference
  • serrbr - Serials
  • sgnrbr - Sports general
  • shrbr - Shooting
  • srrbr - Works of Edith Somerville & Martin Ross (Violet Martin)
  • svrbr - Song & verse
  • trvlrbr - Travel
  • vetrbr - Veterinary & farriery
  • wldrbr - Wild animals
  • wjrbr - Works by American author, William James

vsl=Vladimir S. Littauer Collection